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“I am a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in SEO and digital marketing, dedicated to helping businesses achieve online success.”

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Fabian Mendoza

Advertising Professional

Master in Digital Marketing

Featured Projects and Job Experiences

A showcase of my most impactful roles and contributions in the field of digital marketing and SEO.

Westgate Resorts

  • Managed multiple websites’ creating bilingual content (English / Spanish).
  • Used AI tools for engaging, SEO-optimized content.
  • Provided performance reports showing increased organic traffic and conversions.
Westgate Resorts project Fabian Mendoza
GR hub project Fabian Mendoza

G&R Hub

  • Executed web positioning strategies, improving SEO performance.
  • Used advanced tools for robust, rankable content.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager comprehensive setup for ecommerce


  • Led the development of a comprehensive e-learning directory platform with providers like Coursera and Udemy among others.
  • Authored over 300 educational posts, with 85% ranking on Google’s first page
  • More than 5.000 curated e-learning courses
Aulapro project fabian mendoza


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SEO Audit and Optimization

Enhance your website’s visibility with thorough SEO audits and strategic optimizations that improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.

Content Strategy and Creation

Develop compelling content strategies and create high-quality, engaging content tailored to your audience, driving traffic and conversions.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Maximize your reach and ROI with expertly crafted digital advertising campaigns across various platforms, targeting the right audience with precision.

Email Marketing

Engage and retain your audience with personalized email marketing campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time, enhancing customer relationships.

E-commerce Marketing Solutions

Grow your online store with tailored e-commerce marketing solutions that increase traffic, enhance user experience, and drive sales.

Chatbot Development for Websites

Implement AI-powered chatbots on your website to provide instant customer support, enhance user experience, and streamline business operations.

Social Media Management

Boost your brand’s online presence and engagement through effective social media management, creating and curating content that resonates with your followers.

Website Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your website’s performance with detailed analytics and reporting, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize your online strategies.

Website Development

Build a robust and user-friendly website that reflects your brand identity and provides an excellent user experience, driving traffic and conversions.

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