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Explore my portfolio to see examples of my work in SEO and digital marketing. Each project showcases detailed descriptions, results achieved, and links to relevant websites and articles.

Throughout my nearly 20-year professional career, I have spent over a decade deeply involved in various digital marketing projects, taking on different roles and responsibilities. From multinational corporations and companies with thousands of employees to personal entrepreneurial ventures, here are some of the projects I have worked on and part of their results.

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Blog Orlando Florida English
Blog Orlando Florida Spanish
Blog All Las Vegas English
Blog All Gatlingurg English
epikvacations com Landing Page Sample

Project Name: Westgate Resorts

Oversaw the administration and improvement of multiple websites, conducting technical SEO audits and optimizing content. Collaborated with development and content teams to enhance site structure and implement best SEO practices.

Some results

Created content for multiple blogs in both Spanish and English.
Redesigned the website for the Orlando destination.
SEO efforts generated six-figure revenue.
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Project Nexus Tours
Project Learning Tree PPEC
Projct La Prensa Orlando
Virtual Store Mercado Glam
Puerto Rican Chamber

Project Name: GR Hub

Led the development of comprehensive web positioning strategies, enhancing SEO performance across multiple websites. Implemented keyword research, on-page optimization, and link-building campaigns.

Some results

Improved product organic shopping results for the online store.
Enhanced Google My Business visibility for multiple clients.
Achieved local organic search rankings for various clients.
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Project Casa Roca Orlando
Casa Roca Orlando Event page
Casa Roca Orlando Donations page

Project Name: Casa Roca Orlando

The project involved a complete redesign of the website for Casa Sobre la Roca Church, Orlando branch. This comprehensive process included migrating the website to a new hosting platform, preserving essential services like donations, and implementing new features such as the creation of various types of events, including paid events.

Some results

Successfully migrated website to new hosting platform without downtime.
Integrated secure online donation and payment systems efficiently.
Redesigned website for improved navigation, user experience, and event management.
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e-Learning project AulaPro Spanish
e-Learning project AulaPro English version

Project Name: AulaPro

Developed and managed an educational platform, achieving significant growth in user engagement and sales. Implemented advanced SEO strategies, resulting in 85% of academic content ranking on the first page of Google search results.

Some results

Promoted academic offerings and e-learning courses through SEO and content marketing.
Achieved 85% of content on Google’s first page, with a 220% increase in users and 368% growth in page views.
Partnered with 33 institutions and 8 of the top e-learning platforms, authoring over 200 educational publications.
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Project Universia Colombia
Project Orienta Universia Colombia
Project Trabajando.com Colombia
Project Miriada X Colombia

Project Name: Universia

At Universia Colombia, I led digital marketing strategies to enhance the visibility and performance of a top educational portal. I focused on increasing web traffic, generating high-quality leads, and improving SEO rankings. Through targeted content marketing and strategic partnerships, I boosted the portal’s relevance on Google and supported the growth of higher education institutions.

Some results

Boosted web traffic by 45% on Universia.net.co through managing 10+ sub-portals.
Delivered 200,000+ leads in 5 years with a 10% conversion rate to enrollment.
Positioned Universia.net.co as a top educational portal on Google in Colombia.